Two Maries


Hi!  I’m Britt!  My whole life I have been searching for a creative outlet.  I’ve tried everything from piano, cello, French horn, bead making, painting, poetry, (Whew! You get the idea!)  but I’ve finally found my true passion in photography and design.  Photography is the one place where I feel my creative energy comes to life. When shooting a wedding, I not only tell the emotional story of your day, but I also have many things in mind such as album design, cohesiveness, and details.

I’m honest, real, and raw and I wear my heart on my sleeve and that is what I aim to capture with my camera as well.  Real, true, honest emotions, not just the way you look and all while being aware and inspired (or uninspired- hello Mountain Dew cans!)  by my surroundings.  My talent is to capture you- who you are in that moment of time and the emotions you are feeling, all in a beautiful and pretty way.  I do this by connecting with you, making you feel at total ease in front of the camera, and allowing you to have fun and enjoy the moment- I may even sing to you!

Most nights you will find me outside gardening, swinging on the playground swings with my two kids, shopping for antiques, reading, or snuggling on the patio with my IT department, aka my husband.

Hi! I’m Gilda!  I know you’re wondering how to pronounce my name- it’s pronounced with a J, but spelled with a G!  I was named after my beautiful Italian Grandmother.  She and my grandfather owned an iconic Italian restaurant in Northeast Ohio.  I was raised to love family, friends, and a good bowl of Pasta Fagioli!

During my free time, you will find me with my two adorable boys, my handsome yet incredibly geeky husband, our chocolate labradoodle and crazy little Chihuahua.

My style of photography has a lot to do with my upbringing.  Family, friends, love, and emotions are what I capture when I’m behind the lens.  My clients are not just clients to me, they become my friends and I feel that is how you can capture true emotion- to allow people close enough that they can be themselves.  I also have a keen eye for design and detail as my mother, an interior designer, has instilled within me an appreciation for beauty and all things sweet.   (Including chocolate!)

My talent is to combine all of these things that are important to me to tell the story of your day in a heartfelt and beautiful way.


Over the past several  years we’ve created two successful photography businesses. We were lucky enough to meet when we had the opportunity to shoot our first of many weddings together. It was then we realized just how awesome we worked together. We just clicked. We both love to create images that you adore and that we are so proud of. Today’s standard is two photographers.  Instead of us hiring a second shooter that you’ve never met and that we’ve never worked with, we created The Two Maries. There are no surprises. You will meet us both at the consultation and then again at the engagement session and guess what, we’ll both be with you on your wedding day too! You will be beyond comfortable with us which will allow you to relax and enjoy your amazing day. We both have an enormous amount of love and passion for all things wedding. We put it all out there and give you every ounce of creativity and love that we’ve got. We promise to tell the story of your wedding day with images that will blow you away!

Oh, If you’re wondering how we got the name Two Maries, one night over dinner we discovered that we both have the middle name Marie. That’s the moment Two Maries was born!