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How To Find Your “Best” Dating App

Finding love has never been easier. Nowadays, you will be able to find love in a lot of different places. One of those places is right in your living room thanks to dating apps. Dating apps have made finding love much more accessible than ever before. If you are going to be using one, you will want to be able to identify the best apps to use. In this article, we will be discussing some of the best apps that you should consider using.

What To Consider When Looking At Dating Apps:

1. Price

One of the main things that you should be considering when you are trying to choose the right app would be the price of it. The price is a major consideration that you should be making because you want to identify an app that will deliver a good amount of value for your money. Luckily, there are plenty of apps that are not only low cost, but that is free. Because of this, you shouldn’t necessarily feel obligated to spend money on any dating app. You can find a lot of different options available for free without paying anything. However, there is always the idea that you will find different types of people based on what they are paying. A lot of people feel there will be a much higher quality of people looking for real relationships if they are paying for the service. Therefore, you may find paid dating apps to provide a better experience if you are seriously looking.

2. Available Features

When it comes to any kind of app, the features rule everything. Because of this, you should be looking for an app that delivers the kind of features you plan on using. The more features the app offers that you will use, the better experience you will have. This doesn’t mean to choose based on which app offers the most features. Instead, you want to single out an app that offers all of the features that you could see yourself using and benefiting from. Some of the key features that you may be looking at are direct messaging, comprehensive profiles, profile analyzers, and more. One of the features that could help you along in your dating journey would be built-in video chat. Some of the apps you will find that are available include video chat and some don’t. While you could always pivot to another video chat to speak to someone, having it included in the dating app you are using could be a major selling point for those not looking to use different apps for it.

3. Ease of Use

Another thing that you should be looking at when you are attempting to find the right app to choose would be the ease of use. Ideally, you want to try to find an app that is going to be easy to navigate and one that is very easy to use. The usability of the app will likely be dictated by the user interface.

4. Target Audience

You also want to be certain that you are choosing an app that is catering to your preferred target audience. Some apps are directly targeting people you might not be interested in. For instance, some are targeting gay couples, some might be targeting those interested in casual relationships, and some might be targeting serious relationships. Therefore, you should be looking at the target market of the app. The app maker will either be telling you the target market or you could tell from looking at how they are marketing the app itself. By doing this, you should be able to figure out whether or not the app would be an asset to use for your dating life. We recommend this site for the best dating websites for Canadians.

As you can see, there are several factors that you should be considering when you are attempting to find the right app to use. You want to factor in everything above when choosing. By finding the one that matches the criteria you are looking for, you should be able to get the best results out of your app dating experience. There is a variety to choose from which should make it easy to find a good one.

How You Can Make The Most Of Online Dating

Online dating is gaining more and more momentum. And while the growth in popularity can be attributed to the COVID pandemic, online dating was already gaining traction before the virus took hold. The fact is technology can bring people together. This means you get to expand your options beyond your immediate surroundings, and if you consider yourself a shy person, odds are you will have more confidence via an online dating platform.

But there are some things to keep in mind before you start your online search for the perfect date. And this article will discuss a few common tips you should consider beforehand. No, there are no guarantees, even through online dating. But you can improve your odds with the following suggestions.

1. Find A Good App Or Site

Make no mistake; there is an overwhelming number of online dating sites and apps. The problem is many of them either attract the wrong type of people, or they have ulterior motives and they just want personal information. But you also get legit dating apps and sites that can be trusted.

Your first step should be to research every app and site that grabs your attention. Read reviews, find honest opinions, and ensure that your experience will be a good one. Also, some online dating platforms charge a membership fee. Hence the reason for reading terms and conditions before you join the community.

2. Set Up An Attractive Profile

The first impression you make is based on the profile you set up. In other words, if you rush through it and only fill in the bare minimum, do not expect too much attention. Individuals that take online dating seriously want to have a good idea of who they chat with before they start chatting.

Profiles with a photo or two tend to get more attention compared to profiles without them. Although, it is not a dealbreaker and you should never feel forced to upload pictures of yourself.

3. Do Not Provide Sensitive Details

It is simply impossible for online dating sites to vet their users. They have no control over the people who ultimately decide to open a profile. Hence the reason for always approaching every conversation with caution. Just like you should be careful about the information you post for all to see.

For example, it is never recommended to post contact information. Your home address or where you work should never be made public knowledge.

4. Get Some Conversations Going

You also want to take a proactive approach to online dating. Too many newbies assume that others on the site will reach out to them, which does happen. But you have to be willing to put yourself out there if you want to get the most out of online dating.

If you are too nervous about sending personal messages, see if the site or app has a forum where you can participate in general conversation. This will help you to build some confidence while you get to know others. Eventually, you will start to feel more comfortable.

5. Always Stay Safe Before Meeting Anyone

For the most part, online dating is done with the aim of meeting up at some point. However, meeting up does not mean you can compromise your safety. You always want to stay safe, right from the very beginning. So, how do stay safe when meeting your online date for the first time?

The first thing you need to do is to tell the people you trust. For example, inform a friend or family member you are going to meet your online date for the first time. At the same time, you want to meet up in a public place. You can even bring along a friend or two, just to make sure everything goes smoothly.

6. Be Honest

The difference between online dating and old-fashioned hookups is the control you have. Online, you have the ability to “create” a reality because nobody will be able to tell the difference. This is tempting for many reasons, but if you are serious about meeting someone you might marry someday, keep your conversations as honest as possible. It is understandable that you want to sound interesting. But you are setting up relationships to fail when you embellish too much.

Our Best Tips For Canadians Trying Online Dating

Canadian dating online is one of the best ways to connect with new people, but it isn’t always easy. There are a lot of problems you can encounter when you’re using dating apps. In some cases, trying to meet a new person can be overwhelming.

If you’re ready to start dating, and you’re in need of advice, you can find some great tips below:

Find the Apps People In Your Area Are Using

The popularity of apps varies from one location to the next. People in Toronto might prefer one app, but another app might have more users in Vancouver. You’ll have more luck with online dating if you have more options, which is why you should try to find some of the most popular apps in your area.

Many of the most popular apps can be used for free. Take a closer look at some of these apps so that you can see how many people are using them. If one app seems to be particularly popular, you’ll know that’s where you should be focusing your attention.

Choose Pictures With Care

You’ll want to use pictures you look fantastic in when you’re creating a dating profile. However, you aren’t going to want anyone to feel disappointed when they meet you in person for the first time. You’ll want to choose photos that show what you look like currently.

Don’t use photos from a decade ago. Instead, try to find photos that were taken in the last year. You can use selfies, but you may want to ask a friend to snap a photo of you too. Try to use multiple pictures so that people can get a better sense of what you look like.

Create A Great Profile

If you’ve tried online dating before, and you weren’t very successful, it’s possible that the issue was with your profile. If your profile is blank, or if it has spelling errors, people might not be interested in learning more about you.

Set aside some time so that you can put plenty of detail into your dating profile. You may want to ask a friend or two to look over your portfolio. If they have any feedback for you, you’ll want to take their advice into consideration. You can check out the Dating Advice subreddit for more dating profile tips and advice.

Get to Know People Before You Meet In Person

People often want to rush to meet the people they talk to on dating apps. After all, it can be difficult to determine whether someone is a good match if you haven’t spoken to them face to face. However, in this day and age, it can be better to connect with someone online before you arrange an in-person meeting.

That doesn’t mean you have to limit yourself to text conversations. There are plenty of ways to video chat with someone. Try a virtual date or two. Once you know that there’s chemistry, you can start making plans for an actual date. If someone doesn’t agree to a video chat, that could be a red flag.

Plan Dates That Are Weather Appropriate

Winters in Canada can be quite cold. You’ll want to keep this in mind when you’re planning out a date. It’s hard to have a fun time with someone when you’re both freezing. Thankfully, there are plenty of indoor activities you can enjoy, from movie dates to museum visits.

If you’re planning a date during a colder season, you should always look at the weather forecast ahead of time to see if it’s likely to snow. If the weather conditions are dangerous for driving, you may want to postpone your date or schedule it around the snow.

Always Be Cautious

These days, online dating is so commonplace that people often forget that there’s any sort of risk involved. Make sure you take a few extra precautions so that you’ll be able to stay safe as you get out and meet new people.

Make sure that you meet your date in a public place. Ask them to take a picture of their ID so that you can show it to a friend. Let people know where and when you’re going to be meeting your date. Have a friend call or text you at a pre-arranged time so that they can check in with you and make sure you’re doing okay.

Can You Find Love Online?

We are two Maries, and we want to help our internet friends and family find that special someone in 2020. With so much social distancing, it’s harder to connect and find that special someone you have been looking for. The two of us have been using online dating websites and apps for some time and want to help you use the right service or website to find the person you’ve been looking for. In our upcoming articles, we’ll be sharing the best services that we can personally recommend. 💖