Jamie & Dan’s Westin Columbus Wedding

You are about to witness the wedding of two of the kindest people we’ve ever met! Jamie & Dan are the couple that had the amazing engagement session in Chicago! Being an avid photographer, Dan was in charge of Photography and he even picked the Westin as their Venue while Jamie was in Florida dress shopping. We love when a bride feels 100% comfortable leaving such big decisions in the hands of her fiancé’. When both parties are involved in the planning process, it shows and makes the event personal and about the two of them instead of being all about the bride. Jamie & Dan planned an extremely elegant Westin Columbus Wedding!

Their colors of Grey, Cream, Blush and Gold were so clean and classic. They wanted an Elegant, but fun wedding and that’s exactly what they got! Jamie looked absolutely stunning in her Amsale dress. It was so dreamy and fit her style perfectly. Dan is so in love with this beautiful girl and you’ll see in the images below that the feeling is mutual.

Jamie & Dan did a “First Look” at the Columbus Metropolitan Library. It’s gorgeous and was the perfect spot for this magical moment. We continued with pictures inside the Library and then finished the Bridal Portraits at the Westin.

Thank you Dan and Jamie for having us! We love you two and we’re so happy to have you in our lives! xoxo- G&B

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Cake: Short North Piece of Cake

DJ: DJ Axcess

Florist: Petals and Leaves

Makeup: Charles Penzone

Venue: Westin Columbus

Dress: Amsale

Video: Best Day Ever Films