Meet Emily! 2016 Two Maries Bride!




Name: Emily Marshall
Wedding date: 9/24/16
Grooms Name: James Grigas
Venue: Barrington Golf Club: Aurora, OH

1. Do you have your dress? If so, how many dresses did you try on before finding the one?  Yes, I found my dress on Halloween!  It was the very first dress I tried on and I knew I loved it!  I still tried on other dresses but nothing else compared.  I found my dress at L’Fay bridal on the east side of Midtown in Manhattan.

2. What is your vision for your wedding day? Timeless, elegant, and unforgettable.  I want my wedding to allude to the extravagance of a Great Gatsby event.

3. How many guests have you invited to your wedding? We invited 240 and predict that 200 people will attend.

4. Where will you be honeymooning?  TBD….but we are strongly considering Hermanus in South Africa.  It is supposed to be the best place to see whales and sharks because the town overlooks where the Atlantic and Indian Ocean meet.

5. What’s one piece of advice you would give to other brides in the process of planning their dream wedding? Start planning early!  I began calling venues the day after I was engaged and places were already booked.  Keep yourself very organized and stick to your budget.

6. What’s your favorite date spot? Jamie and I love Mexican food.  Our favorite place is called Pachanga Patterson.  We love it because its small, quaint, and they make amazing guacamole and drinks!  We think it’s the best in NYC:)

7. Band or DJ? A three piece band (harp, cello, and violin) will play through dinner and then a DJ will begin playing for the dancing.

8. Do you consider yourself a traditional bride? If not, what are some fun things you did outside the box?  I would say I am not that traditional.  I have a master’s degree in fine arts so I always like to find ways to make myself stand-out as different.  I have a very dramatic style that is refined and simplistic at the same time.

9. What are your wedding colors? Neutrals with hints of metallic

10. We’ve all heard the Celebrity couples nicknames like Bennifer, Kimye and Brangelina. What would your nickname be? Jamily our hashtag is #JamilyEverAfter (pun on happily ever after since Jamie proposed in front of Cinderella’s castle in Disney World)