Why two is better than one!


One of the big reasons Two Maries was created is strictly for this reason. Two is really better than one. We often talk about the Two Maries Wedding Experience and one major part of the experience is that Britt and I are with you every step of the way. You will meet both of us at the consult, we’ll both be shooting your engagement session and we’ll both be present on your wedding day. We feel so strongly about this for these two reasons.

  1. Relationship building – Yes, we’re going to say it again, it’s so important to build a relationship with your photographers. Sometimes there is a year between the consult and the wedding day, that’s a long time. Staying in touch and building a friendship is so very important.
  2. Coverage- We’re two people with the same overall shooting style. This keeps things consistent! You’re getting two different perspectives of each moment throughout your wedding day.

The Two Maries Experience assures you that you’re working with two professional photographers that are consistent, have the same style, understand each other and our roles for the day. You can’t beat it!