The perfect wedding shoe for photographers!




Every year on social media you see atleast 5 discussions about the perfect wedding shoe for photographers. It’s not uncommon for a photographer to purchase 3-4 pairs of shoes before the season starts to find that none of them work.

Here’s how the story goes. You walk into a store and head straight for all the cute shoes you wish you were there to buy, but know your really there for wedding shoes, so you eventually head over to the comfy not so cute section. There you are starring at the only three pairs of black shoes you’d even consider wearing in public.  You’d never ever buy these shoes, but you know that you need something comfy for a full wedding day. You stand there wondering if they’re going to rub the back of your heels too much, or if your feet are going to get too hot. Not to mention how they’re going to pair with your wedding day outfit. What’s worse than a cute outfit with the wrong shoes? This is the struggle of a wedding photographer!

Two years ago, I (Gilda) spent almost $200 on two pairs of “ugly wedding shoes.” I wore them both once! One pair was so comfy when I tried them on at the store, but after 11 hours at a wedding I was asking for band aids for the back of my bleeding heals. Off to Goodwill they both went.

After years of throwing away money, we’re positive that Classic TOMS are the way to go! We get it, they’re not very dressy and look very silly with black dress pants and even more silly with a cute dress, but you know what? We can wear TOMS all day long and our feet still feel good at the end of the night! No band aids needed! You won’t ever see us without our TOMS on. Ok, I’ll admit it, I (Gilda) will try to be stylish and wear sandals or even a little heal at the beginning of the day, but by Ceremony time, out come the TOMS. That’s the other good thing about them! They fold right in half and fit into your bag.

So, for all you girls that are still searching for the perfect shoe. Do yourself a favor and get yourself a pair of  Classic TOMS!

P.S. TOMS rock even when you’re not shooting a wedding.