Five random things you might not know about Gilda & Britt!

Five things you don’t know about Gilda:


  1. I’m dog obsessed. I can’t pass one on the street without petting him/her. Yes, I’m that annoying girl.
  2. My plan was to be a flight attendant for a few years after college; however, Art (hubs) convinced me to move to Columbus, Oh. instead of Miami, Fl. I followed my heart and I’m so glad I did.
  3. I love silence.
  4. I’m a hugger.
  5. I’m ambidextrous.

Five things you don’t know about Britt:


  1. I’m a perfectionist. If I do something, I want to do it the best I possibly can.
  2. I’m super sensitive. I will cry if I see road kill, a tree being cut down, or if I think someone is upset with me.
  3. I was a massive Tom Boy as a child.  My mom had to bribe me to wear a dress for school picture day.  I lived outside, usually in mud, a tree, or the creek behind my house.
  4. I think out loud.  A lot. And talk to things and plants.
  5. I love to decorate and design and always have some sort of project going on.