Wedding Traditions. What to keep and what to skip!

There are so many wedding traditions that couples think they have to do. It’s 2015, pick your favorites, create your own and ditch the rest! We’ve been there, mom can’t imagine no cake and what will people think if you don’t toss your bouquet? This is what you’re dealing with isn’t it? Your wedding will still be amazing and better yet,  just how you want it! You don’t even have to have a flower girl and guess what? You and your groom don’t have to have the same number of attendants. It’s all ok! What’s worse than having to find friends just so your sides are even? We’ve seen so many amazing new traditions as well.

Our favorite is from Allison and Chris’ wedding. Instead of the traditional little girl flower girls they asked their grandmothers to be their flower girls. Cutest thing ever!



Another great new tradition is your guest book. Get creative! Our guests books are sitting in our basements collecting dust. We offer super cute engagement books that also can be used as your guest book. The pages are filled with your favorite pictures from your engagement session and each page has little prompts like “What’s your wish for us?” and guests can sign each page of the book. Another idea that’s become popular are the personalized Guest book Wedding Tree prints. They can be found on etsy and are another great option. You will see Anah and John’s below.



Another really cool change in tradition was the cakes at Brittany and Brent’s wedding. Each reception table had a gorgeous cake made by The End Dessert Co. Each cake was not only unique, but also different flavors. Guests were encouraged to mingle and sample all the different flavors. It looked gorgeous! The couple didn’t completely nix the cake cut. They also had a mini cake that the two of them used for cutting.


You see, you have so many options. Get creative, go outside the box and make your wedding day your own! We will say that traditions keep your wedding day moving and organized. If you decide to get creative, just make sure you work closely with your photographers and planner to make sure your timeline makes sense. Having a great wedding day timeline is key!