Three Important questions to ask at your photography consultation



We get it, you have no idea what to ask when meeting with your vendors. What do we all do when we don’t have the answers? We google it, of course! Not always, but there are times couples show up with a long list of silly questions for us. We have no problem answering all these questions, but most likely you don’t even care about the answers we’re giving you. For example: What lenses do you use? We love geeking out and talking about our lenses and when and why we use them, but do you really care? If you’re into photography, sure, but most couples aren’t and have no idea what we’re talking about as we ramble on about our lenses. We’ve come up with three questions that will help you with this big decision.

1. How do you stay organized and how will you keep our wedding running smoothly? As the bride and groom, you don’t want to worry about a thing on your wedding day. A big part of your photographers job is to create and follow your wedding day timeline. How will they keep the day moving?

2. Are you the one/s that will be photographing our wedding? Make sure that the people you’re meeting with are the photographers that will be shooting your wedding. You don’t want to meet with the owner of the company or photographers assistant etc… We know we say this a lot, but it’s so important that you have a relationship with your photographers! You want to love their work and their personalities. They get to share your entire wedding day with you!

3. Can you show us a completed real wedding gallery? Of course we want to show off our best work, but it’s important to see a complete gallery of a real wedding. Photographers often do stylized shoots and will make albums showing off their best work. This is ok, but it’s not always true to what you’re going to be receiving. You want to see a real wedding that they shot and all of the images that were provided. This will give you a great example of what you’re going to receive.

These three questions will get you started. Make sure to ask any other questions that are important to you. Busy photographer’s are meeting with potential clients all the time. Make sure your consult doesn’t feel routine. It’s your wedding day! They should be just as excited to work with you as you are to work with them! Make sure to leave your consult feeling informed and excited!