Let’s take a vacation!


Who doesn’t love a good vacation! Here at Two Maries, we love exploring the world and spending time with our families! It’s been a little quiet around here due to Britt and I both being  away. The Lakins were in Northern Michigan riding bikes, boating, hiking, cherry picking and having fun at Sleeping Bear Dunes. We Andersons were on Kelley’s Island. We hiked, played putt-putt, mined for gems, took the jet express to Put in Bay and ate lots of ice-cream. We both had a wonderful time, but man what is up with this rain? We’re ready for high temps and sunshine! One thing we really believe is that life is about experiences, not things. Yes, we all love nice things, but when it’s all said and done, all the fun time spent with family and friends is what life’s all about!



Vinny P

We were hiking and camping up by sleeping bear dunes the weekend of the fourth! Beautiful country up there.


Very cool, Vinny!