Meet our Doggies!

If you’ve met us, you know we’re dog obsessed. If you pass me (Gilda) with a dog in tow, I’m going to stop you and ask to pet your dog. I can’t help myself.

This post is bittersweet. This past Monday Britt had to say goodbye to her first little girl, Zoe. She was such a sweet soul. If you’ve lost a pet before, you know the heartbreak. If you don’t mind, send some happy and loving vibes Britt’s way.

With that being said, we’re going to start with The Lakin kids.

Meet Desmond aka Desi and Zoe Lakin! Desi is a Coton de Tulear. He’s soft as silk and loves to rip paper to shreds. He’s a total mama’s boy! Look at that hair! I think Britt might have styled it for his picture.:) Then there’s sweet Zoe. You can see the kindness in her eyes. She was a petite little girl that loved to lounge. Although she was Britt’s dog before she got married she had a thing for guys. She had quite the bond with Britt’s husband, Dave. We love you Zoe!


Meet Basil and Jerry Anderson! Basil is a chocolate Labradoodle. This picture is when he was about 8 months old. He now looks like Harry from Harry and The Henderson’s. He just can’t control his energy. I apologize now if you’re coming over for a visit. He also loves to chew paper. What’s up with that?  Then there’s Jerry the crazy little Chihuahua.  We rescued him this past December. He’s on my lap 85% of the day! This dude has a major Napoleon complex, but I love him so!