Friends and Business Partners. How we make it work!


Going into business with one of your best friends can be risky. You think of all the reasons why it’s going to be amazing, but do you really think about all the huge decisions you have to make as a team. Especially women who have different personalities, opinions and let’s not forget about our feelings! We will tell you that it could go sour really quickly, but we’re so happy and so proud to tell you that we’ve worked so hard as one unit since the start of Two Maries. We’ve both learned so much about ourselves and about each other. We don’t fight, but we do disagree. The beautiful thing is we work through all of our disagreements knowing that we both want what’s best for Two Maries. Yes, sometimes there’s hurt feelings, but as two mature, honest and driven business women we respect our friendship and each other’s feelings and have created one amazing business! I’m telling you all of this because we’ve just recently made some changes behind the scenes. We’ve realized that we weren’t using our talents and time as wisely as we should be. It’s so easy to fall into a routine. Especially once busy seasen starts. We’re crazy busy and don’t really have time to figure out what’s working and what’s not. Editing and shooting takes up all of our time. We’ve realized that our blog among other things really needs some attention. Of all the changes we’re making, the blog is something that impacts you the most, so we’re letting you know that starting today we’re going to keep you informed and educated. We also can’t wait to show off all of our gorgeous couples and their amazing weddings!

We hope you enjoy spending a little part of your day with us. We absolutely love hearing from you, so please leave us comments! We promise to reply!